Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Little Shopper

She makes me smile....she had to have her own basket, she proceeded to fill the basket with items as we walked up and down each isles (that she had to go and put back where she found), she had her "iPod" (read a small Sponge Bob MP3 player) in her pocket and the headphones on her head....yep, she makes me smile!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sleeping in + Nowhere to go + Cleaning & Organizing = Great Long Weekend

I LOVE to be home . . . I love to go out and about too, but I love to not have anything to do and be home. This weekend we did just that, I only left the house 1 time since Bunko Friday night. We have eaten every meal at home, watched movies and the Olympics and I've spent the last 2 days in my Scrapbook Room, re-organizing! I love to organize and re-organize and re-organize some more. I've been itching to get in here and it all started by my bringing home the electric 3 hole punch from work so that I could punch all of the kids work and get it into their binders, I was a bit behind with Meghan, like I needed to put 2 years of pre-school into binders. So I did something that I thought I would never do . . . I threw away her middle year! Yep, in the trash, although I have until tomorrow morning to change my mind. So I'm currently all caught up with my paperwork, it's been driving me nuts looking at the piles, it feels so good to have it all put away. I put all of the kids work chronically into binders, that way I have something to do with it when it comes home and I know where to go if I need something out of it for the scrapbooks. Trevor probably has about 10 of them now!

So once I completed the hole punching, which goes so much quicker with the electric puncher by the way, I started opening up drawers and figuring out how things could be better grouped together. I opened one drawer that I totally forgot was full of patterned 12 x 12 paper. It was not with all of the rest of my paper so I forgot about it, so from there I started moving things around and organizing paper by color and/or by company.

My biggest obstacle are cards and memorabilia. I wish I could throw cards away, but I just can't. I'm still trying to find a space and system for this kinds of stuff, but now that I've got some space cleared out (I threw away 2 large bags of garbage!) I'm going to figure out a system that will work so that I can keep everything organized and able to find stuff when I need it!

So it's now 6:00 on Monday night, back to work tomorrow. The only other big thing on my list for this weekend was to tackle the ironing pile . . . let's see if can get it done after dinner . . .

And because I like pictures with my post, how many of you remember these?

Do you remember Roller Haven? It has since changed names to Paradise Skate. Meghan went to her first skating birthday party. I was cracking up though, I'm pretty sure that these are the exact skates that were around 30 some odd years ago. Pretty gross if you think about it!!!!

And I'm happy to say that I can FINALLY check the ironing off the to-do list. Needless to say I think it was a very productive weekend, and I think I'm ready to start the week. Boy do I wish every weekend was a 3 day weekend!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project 365 - 2010

Here are all of my January layouts! Yipee, I'm on track so far!!!! Thank goodness for deadlines and incentives from the great designers over at Weeds & Wildflowers, it does help keep you on track, and I really do work so much better under a deadline!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Job Meghan

We got Meghan's Progress Report last week, looks like she is doing great, and her teacher says she is doing great too!

The words listed on here are the Kindergarten sight words, words that they are expected to know. Since she knows them all her teacher gave her the 1st grade sight words, it's a list of 63 words, the first time she read through them she knew almost all of them . . . looks like we have our work cut out for us keeping her challenged like we did Trev!