Saturday, May 31, 2014

{Mother's Day}

I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my family.  My husband and daughter even went shopping for me at my favorite antique store!

An old camera, some old spice containers and a Fiestware pitcher in a cool color!

My brother came and the boys BBQ'd lunch for us.  We sat around visiting and eating all afternoon.

One of my Mother's Day requests was a picture of me and my kids, cause on Mother's Day you get whatever you want, right?! And I do not have enough photos of me and my kidos since I am usually  on the other side of the camera (and much happier there I might add).  Seems like a pretty simple request though, it's not like they are 3 year olds that don't understand the concept of sitting still to take a nice photo . . . some days I do think it was easier taking their picture when they were 3!!

My brother, Mom and Me!  Just missing Gina!

And I was hopeful for a nice family photo too . . .

So, while this wasn't exactly the vision I had in my head of how the photos would turn out, this is a perfect representation of my family right now, my life right now, so really, these are the perfect photos!