Friday, January 28, 2011


I ordered these 3 right after Christmas, 2 of then really cheap cause I had a groupon from Love Stamped for them, they other one I just ordered from The Rusted Chain cause I wanted something with my "word" for the year on it. I love them! I've been eying this style of jewelry for awhile and just never could decide WHAT it was I wanted! The one with the camera says "capture life" and then the last one has 5 different charms on it, mine & Daryl's initials, the kids names, on that says EST. 9-8-91, and one that says love.

I think I have one more groupon left, hummmmm . . . what else should I order?

Will the germs please leave now?

So my last post was about my sick babies, of which one missed the entire week of school, and today asked if we could please leave the house for a little bit, I think HE is finally feeling better. Ended up taking him to the doctor yesterday when he was still feeling pretty bad, I was afraid he might have ended up with pneumonia and/or bronchial asthma, like I did. Luckily his lungs are clear and he got some antibiotics and is finally feeling better. Now if that cough would just go away! I'm feeling much better . . . amazing what 1 dose of antibiotic and a mucinex will do for you when your feeling really bad! So Trev and I have pretty much spent the week home together coughing in sync with each other, so not fun, I wouldn't recommend it at all.

So most of my photos this week looked like this

And why the 5 bottles of liquid antibiotic you ask? Well, my son, since he was a baby, has had a major gag reflex and can't get most pills down. A motrin is about all he can do. I tried to give him a mucinex yesterday morning since it had helped me so much. I gave him pudding and said to put it in a bite of pudding and then just swallow, well, I almost ended up with chocolate pudding in my face! So the doctor was concerned that the pill form would be to large for him, so she prescribed liquid, a lot of liquid. Even at the pharmacy they asked why it was for a liquid when he was 14 years old and told me that my insurance may not cover it that way. Great . . . but luckily they did cover it and my receipt shows that my insurance saved me $219.00, so I'm thinking that I basically got 5 prescriptions for my one $5.00 co-pay! And I don't have to get a pill down his throat, thank goodness!

So hoping to have Trev's birthday dinner tomorrow night, only a week late, I would have never thought he would have been sick for an entire week, I think this is a first, and hopefully the last!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Not so Happy Birthday

Today Trev turned 14 . . . unfortunately he caught the bug his sister had early this week and was stuck on the couch with a 102 degree fever and feeling terrible. I told him we would pretend that today wasn't his actual birthday and that the first day he felt better would be his birthday, hoping that will be tomorrow, but if he follows in Meg's path it won't be till Monday.

Here is Meg on Thursday

those of you that know her well know that seeing her sleep in the middle of the day is completely unheard of! She woke up from this 3 hour little snooze and I asked her if she wanted some of the soup that Mimi had made for her? She said "for breakfast"? She thought she had slept all night!

Today she is completely back to her sassy little self . . . and for that I am grateful.

So excited . . .

One more week till this starts! And I am soooooooo excited!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally Friday . . .

Why is it short weeks always end up seeming the longest? I had Monday off and have to say I didn't use my day home as wisely as I should have . . . I should have put Christmas away, but I didn't want to . . . I should have done all of my ironing . . . but I didn't want to . . . I should have, well, the list could go on and on, but I didn't do much of anything at all, except sit and do a bit of reading, internet surfing and enjoyed a little peace & quiet.

So because I didn't do anything on Monday my house is still a mess of Christmas decorations, everywhere! Daryl took down the tree and took all of the ornaments off today while I was at work, I came home and found all of the red & green ball ornaments in a pile on the couch, screaming for me to take a picture. Love all of the reds and greens and I added a few silver ones this year for a little more sparkle!

This is my other favorite "ornament" photo from this year,

I'm looking for ways to be more creative in my picture taking.

Tomorrow is the Singing Hands Concert that we have been practicing for for that last few months, we are all excited and ready to see what God has in store for this performance. I know that our hours and hours of practices will pay off and we will be ready for tomorrow, it will be awesome!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

But can you tell my why 2010 went so quickly? Why does the time have to keep passing so quickly. I was not a good blogger in 2010 and hope to do much better in 2011. See the problem is once I get behind I don't know how to catch up, so instead of doing something, I do nothing. (I'm pretty sure I have blogged about this before.) I see the solution as NOT to get behind, right? Ok, well, let's see how long we can keep that going!

Today is my last day of "vacation". I've decided that since Mondays are the worst day of the week, and Monday's after being off are even worse, my new rule is to take off the Monday after vacations, this is the second time I've done this and I'm loving my new rule! I'm working on putting the house back together after a week of goofing off . . . and trying to get up the enthusiasm to put Christmas away. I'm just not really feeling it and want to enjoy a little bit of peace & quiet for a bit with no kiddos in the house.

A New Year is kinda like a new slate . . . I guess that is the reason of all of the Resolutions, which never seem to last. I will follow along with Ali again and her One Little Word. I like this so much better than resolutions and I think I have finally decided on my word for 2011 after lots of different words have been flying around in my head for the last few weeks. My word is Create. I wanted a little nicer sounding word than last years ~ I think that I can apply this word to many areas of my life and look forward to working with it this year.

Our Christmas was awesome this year, I'd say the highlight for Meghan was getting her own iTouch . . . yes, I know she is only 7, but . . . she spends sooooo much time on my phone this was almost a gift for me! You might remember this post from last year . . . you could say she was NOT happy about the boys getting iTouches and she didn't. She looks much happier this year!

Although now that I look at these pictures again, she might just be more excited about the iTunes Gift Card she got!

At any rate, she is one happy girl. Trev was only a little bit pouty about the fact that she has a better one than he does, but he did get over it when he saw his present . . . a futon for his room.

Apparently I didn't get a good picture of it before it was carried up to his room, but he and Daryl sat on it all morning!

I can't believe it's all done! It was a great season and we feel so blessed to have our family, our friends, our health, our jobs, our home . . . waiting to see what 2011 has in store for us.