Monday, March 30, 2009

Project 365

Here are the last 2 weeks. I love the idea of getting free product from Weeds & Wildflowers for continuing to use their products and keeping up with this project, it has definitely kept me motivated and on track and I appreciate that they are giving out free Hodge Podge kits every 2 weeks!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good to be home

(Warning: Long post with lots of pictures)

We spent the last weekend of Trevor's Spring Break camping, we went to Lake Tulloch and had a nice little campsite right on the water, luckily the water was down or it would have been a little scary with Meghan and being so close to the water, but it worked out pretty good having it down a bit. In this picture you can see where the steps would normally go down right into the water, it was pretty rocky but the kids did fine with it.

Meghan could not wait to get into the water and asked at least a million times to go down there, we kept telling her we had to get camp set up first, which clearly wasn't happening fast enough for her.

Trev is getting quite good at helping his Dad get things set up, it's cool to watch them working together, I can't believe that he's big enough now and can actually be of help to Daryl and not just the "pretend" kind of help. And luckily he can do it, which means I don't have to!

Once we had everything set up all the kids headed down to the water, the water was pretty chilly but they didn't care.

Right before dinner the ducks showed up, looking for some dinner I guess! Meghan loved going down with Uncle Scott and giving them some bread ~

We ended our first evening with a campfire and making smores, yummy!

Saturday started bright and early, before 7 am I believe, since I took the first picture of the day at 7:26, and this was after a night of not getting very good sleep. This was the view from looking out the door of our trailer.

Meghan managed to get down by the water before breakfast, she stayed pretty dry and had fun playing in the mud!

After breakfast Meg & Kaitlyn headed to the showers to get cleaned up. Meg took her bathing suit to shower in, cause that is how the big girls do it, and then refused to get dressed! So she came back in her bathing suit, ready to head back down to the water.

The kids played around until Scott found this raft, and then the real fun began!

I basically sat up by camp with my nice new zoom lens taking pictures and baking myself in the sun for several hours.

This morning we woke up to a wind storm, it was crazy to try and fix breakfast outside and we ended up cooking in the Tidwell's trailer. Packing up was not any easier, it was so windy and so cold, but we finally got everything packed up and we headed out a little after 2:00. Meghan didn't make it long, maybe 15 minutes and then she was out until we reached Manteca, aaahhhh, nice! I think all the water play on Saturday wore her out!

Well, that about sums it up, it was a nice weekend to get away, but it's always good to come home!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quiet . . .

Can you hear that? Just the music? Yep, me too! It's quiet here, that is a rare occurrence! The kids are at Mimi & Grampies house until tomorrow, and I'm left here alone. So as not to let me quiet time go to waste I stopped on the way home from work for a Double-Shot + Energy from Starbucks.

I haven't had one in a long time, since iced drinks are just to cold for winter time. For the last few days I've felt like I'm either coming down with a cold or the allergies are kicking in, so my thought is that the double shot will override either so I don't feel like sleeping away my quiet! And it's working, well, that and the 2 motrin I just took, either way, it's good! I plan on working on my next photo editing class and scrapping the night away, I need to get my 365 layouts for last week and this week started since we will be camping this weekend.

Scrapped with some friends on Saturday and got this layout done, not crazy about it, but it is one more story documented, and I don't have enough of Mama done.

This is from a quick trip to Target on Sunday, all for $8.08 ~ I put my coupons to good use and also had a $5.00 gift card from my purchase on Saturday, plus I have another $5.00 gift card from this purchase!

Alright off to get something done while I can!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring around

The cleaning continued this morning! But I'm done now. I vacuumed and dusted my bedroom and closet, folded a couple loads of laundry, did one load of laundry, cleaned out the medicine cabinet, that stuff seems to expire while I'm sleeping or something, finished dusting the blinds and the rest of the house.

Getting ready to take my coupons and make a Target run, but here are a few pictures first ~

I don't know why I bought these, but they are just cute, and I found some reeeeaaaalllly old ones in this purple jar when I dug it out of my closet the other day, needless to say I threw them out before Meg saw them! As I was wondering what I was going to do with them, besides let the kids get a sugar high eating them all, there just happens to be "Fun Uses" ideas on the back, so I'll have to get a little creative.

And this is all of the Easter stuff I found, luckily Daryl thinks he knows where the rest of it is and will get it down for me tomorrow.

Can you see the little bird in this picture? I've noticed he's been hanging around our backyard for awhile now, think we better get some food for the bird feeder.

Have a Happy Satuday

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Is this too bright? I think it's pretty bright, but these are happy springy colors!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring

And I must have been getting ready for it's arrival today. I had absolutely NO plans of doing any cleaning today, but I guess all of the beautiful sunlight shinning in on my dusty blinds just got me started. After dusting the blinds in the kitchen and family room I brought in what I thought was all of my Easter stuff, but, I think I'm missing stuff, although I couldn't tell you what exactly. I think a trip up to the attic is going to happen this weekend. Since I felt like I was missing stuff I headed to the extra bedroom to rummage through my Partylite stuff, didn't find any of the Easter stuff, but I did get rid of a ton of paperwork and old catalogs. I haven't done much with Partylite in the last 2 years and usually going in and smelling the candles and looking at the product I get a little antsy and want to do a show, but today, nothing . . . I have absolutely no desire to sell candles anymore. I don't know why exactly. When I saw the 2009 catalog I was not impressed at all, hard to get excited to sell something your not in love with, which I used to be in love with more of the product than not. And I guess the other reasons are time and interest, my interests have changed and I'd rather spend my taking pictures or scrapping or playing in Photoshop. Plus with working almost full time the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is go out and do a show. Partylite was a great thing for me for many years, I started selling when Trev was a year old, so I guess I put in a good 10 + years. I loved selling when I was not working outside the home, because by the end of the day I was really ready to get out for a bit! So I happily threw out all my old catalogs and paperwork that I don't think I'll be needing. I will miss the discounted and free products, but I'm pretty sure I'll have candles to last me for another few years and really, how many accessories can one have? I already have a house full of all my favorite Partylite products.

Anyway, I then moved on to the dresser in the extra bedroom, it seems to be a collector of random stuff. In one of the drawers I found these ~

These were Mama's tap shoes, they are so tiny, a size 5! I don't know why I have them, but I think it was one of those things that were in the sauna when we moved into her house, also in this box was ~

This is the thermometer that was also in the sauna, aka: my big storage closet when we lived on Shaddick and before the remodel, hummm, I bet I have some before and after pictures of that ~

So there you go, the before, during and after of the sauna, I mean closet I had for about 10 years. I did have to do some creative storage and purging in order to have this bath tub, but I love love love how this bathroom turned out. This soaking tub was heaven, I have a nice tub now, but I still miss this one!

So I feel like I got a little head start on the spring cleaning, although it is just little things that I will notice, but that's ok, it makes me happy to have everything neat and orderly and in it's place.

I think I will stop typing now, this post ended up in places I had never even thought of!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Because I'm driving her crazy . . .

So my dad calls today and is talking to Meghan, the conversation went something like this:

Papa: How is your mom Meghan?

Meghan: Bad

Papa: Why is she bad?

Meghan: Because I'm driving her crazy.

Papa: Why are you driving her crazy?

Meghan: Because SHE is driving ME crazy!

And that about sums up our day! Oh how many times I've told her that if she would just listen her life (and mine) would be so much nicer.

I keep thinking of the song "Your gonna miss this" and I try and think about missing this little phase we have been going through with my little sweetie! I just don't think I will miss constant battle we have on a daily basis over the simple things, things like getting dressed by our self, something that we have done since we've been about 2, yet this morning couldn't seem to remember how! But I do know that there will come a day that I will not have my babies at home with me any longer and maybe then I will want to come back to these days of constant battle, but for now, I'll be happy to move on to a new phase, and I'll pray it's not worse than this one!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

aaahhhh . . . things are getting back to normal

With Trev being gone for 8 out of 13 days life around here just felt a little out of whack. Needless to say I'm glad to have him home and having things get back to normal, whatever that is.

He had a great time with Papa & Gigi in Arizonza (I mean at Baseball Camp) and he loved hanging out with his cousin. They went to a ball game on Saturday, swam, swam and swam some more, till they were literally BLUE! I guess Papa's pool was about 60 degrees but it didn't seem to bother them. And lucky for Trev he is on Spring Break for the next 2 weeks, so we are hanging low for a few days so he can recover from all of his travels.

So, I registered Miss Meghan for Kindergarten last week. After much turmoil of trying to figure out what the best situation for us will be, considering that I have no idea what Daryl will be doing by the time school starts in July, I ended up just getting her registered in Oakley. I had considered trying to get her into Belshaw since it is closer to work and Mimi's, making it easier on picking her up in the afternoons, but it was just to stressful. First Oakley would have to release her, which based on work & childcare they should be ok doing that, but Antioch would not let us know if she was in until 2 or 3 days before school starts in August, which is problem #1 since Oakley starts school in July, so what do I do for the first month? Then Antioch could not guarantee that if she got into the District that she would actually get to go to Belshaw, they would place her in ANY school that had space, well, there are a bunch of schools in Antioch that I would NOT want her to go to. So, I requested afternoon kindergarten, which starts at 10:45 and goes till 2:35. So, I think for most days I will be able to pick her up at school and then get Trev, solving the other problem of getting Trev to and from school. So, now I'll just need to figure out the mornings. Meanwhile, I can't believe that my baby is going to kindergarten!!!

And because I don't like posts without pictures, here is one I took of Meghan the other morning, what WAS Santa thinking bringing all of this Barbi stuff???? I don't remember having this many little pieces when I had Barbies ~

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mustard weeds

Have I mentioned how much I love the mustard fields? Yea, I know, I think I have. We got out with three cute girls yesterday and did a little picture taking and I think I got some exercising in too, man those girls can run fast through those weeds, me, not quite so fast. It was pretty cold and very windy, but I think that we still got some cute pictures!

Oh, and the bouquets, those were wedding flowers.

ok, off to the airport to get Trevor!