Saturday, May 23, 2009


With all of the butterfly excitement last week, I forgot to post about Meghan losing a tooth!

And the one right next to it is lose too! And she was lucky enough to have the Tooth Fairy visit our house and Mimi's house, since she was spending the night over there. The Tooth Fairy was going to leave $5.00 since it was the first tooth and all, but Trevor swears that he only got $2.00 for his first tooth, has there been that much inflation in 5 years? hummm . . . she got $3.00, at each house!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We have butterflies!

Yesterday we came home to butterflies! Exactly 7 days after they made their cocoon they came out, and then one more today.

She wants to pet them and play with them, I'm afraid that we are going to have to deal with butterflies flying around the house before we are done with this!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My week of shopping deals

(Warning . . . very long post with lots of pictures!)

Since I can't keep everything I buy out until the end of the week I've been taking pictures of my shopping trips to do a weeks summary, my husband thinks I've officially gone off the deep end, I'm not sure what he will do if I come home with another box of cereal!!! But, hey, you can't beat .49 a box and I know that we will eat it. There were some really good deals out there, I started on Sunday hitting 3 Walgreens (the first 2 didn't have what I was looking for!), Raleys and then Target.

Total spent at Walgreens was $22.96 and at the end of the day I still have $10.00 in register rewards (good as cash) for my next visit.

I made a quick stop into Raleys, this was the 2nd trip this week, the cashier did a double take when she told me my total ~ $4.64, also included 3 ears of corn that Daryl already had on the BBQ when I took this picture!

Next was Target, my favorite store, but I haven't done much couponing there. I have discovered that you can get Target coupons on-line, this makes me very happy! Since I was there alone I could actually think and I had my coupon binder with me, I found some really great deals, the best was probably the Nabisco 100 calorie snacks @ .43 a box! Great deal, they were on sale at Safeway this week, 2 for $6.00, not such a good deal!! I was happy getting out of there for about $21.00.

On Monday I stopped at yet another Walgreens, Judy gave me a hint on where the fish oil tablets were hiding, you see, those were on sale for $8.00, but then you get and $8.00 register reward back, so it's as good as FREE! Spent a little more out of pocket on this trip, $13.78, but I got back $10.00 in register rewards. If anyone needs Peanut Butter come see me, you can see I've collected quite a bit this week, but the Peter Pan was being clearanced out for .87, since it doesn't expire till March I'm pretty sure it won't go to waste!

Then I read that the Dove "to go" products were marked down more than the price on the shelf showed, and I love the Energizing deodorant, thanks to Kaitlyn, I've been hooked on it since we went to Arizona last year, it smells soooooo good! They had the box with a body spray in it for $2.99, after the coupons I only paid $1.25 each. I also got the salad dressing for .09 each and the Crystal Light for .99.

I spent a total of $12.21 for all of this stuff!

I had to make one final trip to Raleys and get some more cereal, so this was another $1.47. I got 9 boxes of cereal this week for $4.41.

Wednesday was another trip to Walgreens to use some register rewards I've collected, before my trip today I had $20.00 in register rewards. Didn't really need the candy, but I did need a few more items because I had more coupons than items.

I spent $8.00 in register rewards and $5.28 out of pocket, and earned $4.00 more in register rewards. So I still have $16.00 left.

Another trip into Target, am loving getting the 100 calorie snacks for next to nothing, I paid $1.04 today per box, didn't have a manufacturer coupon to go with the Target coupons. Still not bad considering that I had to get a few things that were not on sale. Total spent was $13.82.

On Friday I wanted to get some more of the Fish oil and toothpaste, added some more peanut butter as a filler item since I was using more coupons than items I was purchasing again, and I couldn't pass up more .87 peanut butter. Didn't use any register rewards, the machine at this store acts up sometimes and I didn't want to risk not getting my $10.00 in rr so I just paid $13.87 out of pocket and took my additional $10.00 in register rewards!

Had to go to Wal-Mart so I took a few coupons of items I thought they might have pretty cheap, I spent about $6.50 for these items. I love that V8 juice but it is $5.00 in most grocery stores, it's only $2.98 at Wal-Mart and I had a $2.00 of coupon, can't beat that!

One last trip into Target for the week, found where they were hiding the Dove clearance deodorant and it was marked down even more, I got 2 more of them for .75 each. And I found this bag with Dove products on clearance for $6.28, this will be a good bag to put in the trailer for Meg and I when we go camping. Total spent $12.75.

Saturday was one final trip to Walgreens, just couldn't let those $8.00 in register rewards go away without one more bottle of fish oil! I used $8.00 in register rewards, earned another $10.00 and spent $12.30.

After this trip I still have $28.00 worth of register rewards in my wallet! So, here is how Walgreens breaksdown:

Total retail was $154.22
Total Paid out of pocket $ 69.90
Register Rewards earned $ 48.00
Register Rewards used $ 20.00
Like paying $ 41.90 for

4 bottles of fish oil
2 boxes of hair dye
5 tubes of toothpaste
9 candy bars
12 jars of peanut butter

I'll be amazed if you are actually still reading this! This is not my typical week, but there were some good items that I wanted to take advantage of. Adding all of the cereal and peanut butter to my pantry this week, along with a trip to Winco, put it on overload. So on Saturday I decided to clean out a cupboad in the garage that I was using to store Partylite stuff and turn it in to additional storage space, here is the before and after ~

So, I estimated that all of the about totaled about $307.00 and I spent $123.00, that's about a 60% savings overall, not to bad for a weeks worth of shopping!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yes, I'm catching up today!

I remember going to the "field" at the end of the court when I was a little girl, with a mason jar and bringing home big furry caterpillars. I'd put them in a mason jar full of grass and sticks and put on my dresser. They never made their cocoons, or the technical term is chrysalis, I never got a butterfly!

These days you can just buy them and they are delivered to your door in a sterile little cup, ready to do their thing. And when they say that the caterpillars double in size everyday, they are not kidding! You can practically watch them grow before your eyes!

Here is their progression in one short week:

Day 1 - Wednesday

Day 2 - ThursdayDay 3 - FridayDay 4/5 - Saturday & Sunday
Day 5 - MondayDay 6 - TuesdayDay 7 - Wednesday - I got up this morning and 2 of them were hanging from the top

by this afternoon those 2 had made their cocoons! It happened so fast.

Meghan is not not allowed to even touch the container, she has been carrying them around with her like a pet! I have no idea how the heck they are staying on the top, it looks like a very small piece of silk or something. If these don't survive and we don't get butterflies, we will have one very disappointed girl here! I'm guessing by tomorrow the other 3 will make their cocoons and then in a few days we can transfer them to the treehouse and wait for those butterflies to make their appearance. It will be a long 7 days waiting . . . .

Keep up the good work Trev

but you need to practice your Sax a little more!

I can't believe that it is less than 1 month until school is out, and then on to 7th grade! Yikes, where has the time gone?


How cute is this!

This sign is at the corner of Lone Tree Way and Ridge Rock, will be there all week!

Project 365

Here are my layouts for the last 2 weeks. Since I only did a one page spread for last week, I am going to add another page with our caterpillar experiment, otherwise my book will have a blank page in it, or I'll have to only do one page this week!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's the little things

I {heart} Starbucks! Last year they came out with these cool insulated cups, looks just like the plastic ones you get when you go in and order a drink, I think that they might have made a total of 2 of them, my mom was lucky enough to get one, somehow they were there one day and never to been seen again, leaving a lot of us wanting one. I heard that they were selling on e-bay for $50.00 bucks! I guess I didn't want one that bad! Well, guess what??? There baaaaack, and my hubby even remembered that they would be available on Tuesday and went and got one for me without me even reminding him!

Also today, our little caterpillars arrived in the mail, we (Meghan) have be waiting very very impatiently for this delivery ~

and they are ever so tiny, there are 5 of them in there

and a very happy little girl!

Off to do some homework, I started another photography class, this time on Portruiture, should be fun.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Where did this week go?

Somehow it's already or finally Friday, I'm not sure which. While it seemed like a long week, I don't feel like I was very productive, I hate getting to the end of the week feeling like that. I've gotten out of the habit of making a list daily of the things I need/want to get done, that makes a big difference for me, keeps me focused. And, I did not take one single photo this week! YIKES, I have some making up to do, I think I will go and take care of that right now so I can have some pictures with this post!

One thing I did do this week is dive a little deeper into this couponing stuff ~ can I tell you how addicting it is? There are so so many web-sites that tell you where the best deal are every week. Plus they will link you to some great additional coupons for even better savings. I think my best deal this week was on Got2B hair products. It was on sale 2 for $10.00, it is usually about $6.00 at Wal-Mart, I found a coupon for $2.00 off so I printed 2, and if you bought 2 you got $5.00 Register Reward back, so I ended up paying $1.00 for both of them.

I also reorganized my coupon binder. The more I'm doing this I feel like I can fine tune things a bit, when you first start it is a little overwhelming so I kept the major couponing to Wal-Greens. Now that I think I about have that mastered I realize how many coupons I'm not using when I go and do a large trip to Winco. Because their sales are not published anywhere I didn't take the time to pull coupons before I would go shop. Plus, my binder is 2 inches thick of coupons, it takes awhile to go through those. A few months ago I decided that each week I would go through the packets I got and cut out anything that I knew I would not use at the drug stores, that I would probably only use when I shopped at Winco. I found an old plastic divider and started putting the coupons in there. But, that darn thing drove me nuts! I lid doesn't stay open, I have to dig and can't see what I have, I would pull things out at the store and then they would fall on the ground. Needless to say it didn't work for me! So I decided to get some baseball card holders, some dividers and a binder and put my clipped coupons in those, by isle, so that I could easily find what I needed as I shopped, nothing to fall out or go through, I can see exactly what I have, hopefully Winco doesn't change their store layout anytime soon!!! I also got a small pair of scissors and a small calculator, there are many times I want to do the math to see if a sale item is a good price or not. So, here is my 2nd binder, I plan to try and carry it in the van so that these items are with me for spur of the moment stops too, and for those times, like today when I'm caught in an unexpected traffic jam for 40 minutes, I was able to cut a few coupons and finalize my Wal-Greens & Target stops I was planning on making.

Monday was a good mail day for us, I love happy mail. Meghan has been wanting the "Butterfly Treehouse" for awhile now. We looked at a few stores last week and couldn't find one, so I finally broke down and told her I would order one on-line. In the catalog from her teacher they were $25.00 + shipping, I thought that was a bit pricy so I searched and found the same thing on for $15.00. And with Amazon if you order $25.00 you get free shipping, so I figured it was a good time to order this book I've been wanting, and all for what I would have paid if I had bought from the original source! Now we both win. Anyway, both of those items arrived along with a little package from Papa & Gigi for Meghan. It was the cutest little dress, I was laughing as I took it out because it looked so familiar, it is the exact same dress I bought for Meghan for Easter! They obviously didn't see any Easter pictures, because I didn't take many, and I still can't believe that out of all of the clothes in Target, they picked out the exact same dress I did!!!

Ok, well, I have now blogged, taken my pictures for the week, and started a list of what I want to accompolish tomorrow, it's National Scrapbook Day! Steph and I will spend the day scrapping, I plan to do some paper stuff and some digi stuff, and in general hopefully knock a few things off of my Scrapping "To-Do" list. Crossing my fingers that little Miss Meghan will cooperate with us and not make me crazy! I did a little bit of bribing when we went to Target today (is that bad?) So, Trev should be helping me out and Meghan picked out this little book to she could "scrap" with us. Wish us luck!

Time to go and make Daryl some coffee before he heads off to work, only 5 more weeks at Longs! Exciting and scary, hoping that a new job will come his way very soon and that it will be a day job, will be nice for us to all be on the same schedule again.