Saturday, May 23, 2009


With all of the butterfly excitement last week, I forgot to post about Meghan losing a tooth!

And the one right next to it is lose too! And she was lucky enough to have the Tooth Fairy visit our house and Mimi's house, since she was spending the night over there. The Tooth Fairy was going to leave $5.00 since it was the first tooth and all, but Trevor swears that he only got $2.00 for his first tooth, has there been that much inflation in 5 years? hummm . . . she got $3.00, at each house!

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  1. Well, she did pretty good, I remember how exciting a quarter was when I lost a tooth! Levi will be so jealous to see this-he's longing for the day when he can wiggle one of his teeth around. He's a bit behind all his friends on this one!