Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1st Day of School

The kids went back to school yesterday, already . . . man this summer seemed to fly by. Trevor is in his last year of middle school, how does that happen, I'm pretty sure he just started middle school! And Meghan started 1st grade. It was harder than I thought leaving her without the protection of the fenced in kindergarten playground she was in last year. But in usual Meghan style she takes it all in stride running off waving good bye to me!

Had to get the usual 1st day of school pictures

They both seem to like their teachers and Meghan has a bunny that lives in her class, how perfect is that for her!! She can't wait for her week to feed the bunny. Can't wait until back to school night for Trev so that I can meet his teachers that I don't know yet, I like putting a face with his classes.

Today while were driving to Target to get more school supplies, middle school has very specific things they need, Meghan tells Trev and I that she had a time test today and that she got a 100% and that it was very easy. I asked her what it was on? Her reply . . . paper! Trev and I looked at each other and cracked up. She is a funny girl! At least were off to a good start!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camping in Santa Cruz

Got away for a few days up to the Santa Cruz area to get in one last camping trip before the kids go back to school next week! I can't believe that "summer vacation" is over for us. I'm sure we will still get in a few weekend trips here and there while the weather is still nice, but with the kids back in school it's back to the routine of school and homework and . . . aaahhhh . . . I think I'm already missing summer vacation!

Here are a few from this week ~

The water is FREEZING . . . but the kids didn't care . . . the wind was blowing . . . but the kids didn't care . . . it was COLD . . . but the kids didn't care . . . I stayed safely on the sand where it was a little bit warmer, trying to take pictures and keep the sand out of my camera . . .

The campground that we are staying at also has horses, Meghan is in love . . .

Saturday, July 10, 2010


We took off a few weekends ago and headed up to Columbia and camped at Marble Quarry, I'm happy to say that our trip went off without a hitch, or should I say broken cables, if you remember our trip from last year! We had a cool spot tucked away at the back of the campground, the boys hiked around and Meghan rode her bike, and Mimi & Grampie even came to visit for the day. One of these days I'm hoping Mimi will decide to stay overnight with us! She did agree that we had a pretty nice set up and that she could probably actually camp with us.I decided I'd better download the pictures from my camera last night after I realized how long it had been sine I had done that and laughed at these pictures of Meg . . .

She can be quite the little ham!

The boys slept outside both nights in the anti-gravity chairs, looks like they slept pretty good.

Missing a picture of Cole, but he had already gotten up. Meg could not understand why she couldn't sleep outside with the boys ~ so she pretended.

Don't worry, she was safe and sound in the trailer with us ~ I LOVE pictures of sleeping kids.

On Saturday we went into Columbia because we had to have ice cream and take the carriage ride. All of the kids, we had a few extra this trip, Hunter, Cole's friend and James, Cole's cousin.


Made it to the horses

Mimi took the ride with us and Meghan loved knowing about the bandit and the fact that Mimi didn't!

We stopped for some ice cream . . . Meghan shared with Grampie . . . but only on the threat that if she didn't there would be no s'mores for her that night if she didn't! And then we headed back to camp, it was warm and my ankles were killing me by that point!

Great weekend!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hello to my almost forgotten blog . . .

Dear Blog - I'm sorry for neglecting you, for not using you for the purpose of documenting our life, crazy as it can be, these are the days I don't want to forget. So, please forgive me . . . this is my new commitment to just pick up where I've left off and write about all the stuff that is happening in our everyday life, ok?

Can I start tomorrow?

PS - I wanted to add a picture, because I love pictures, and saw that I have not downloaded pictures since June 5th, I can't even believe that, I'm worse off than I thought.