Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009


You might not recognize him, somehow Daryl convinced him of a short hair cut and I LOVE it!

Meghan got her bangs trimmed this morning too, nice to actually see my kids eyes!

Ready for a busy weekend

We have 3 Birthday parties this weekend, 2 today and1 tomorrow! That pretty much takes up the weekend! Will be a lot of fun, 2 are Meghan's friends and 1 is our nephew Koen. Monday is going to get here and I'm going to want another day of weekend to get done all the things I didn't get done!!! Oh well . . .

Also getting ready for Trevor to do STAR testing next week, I always want him in bed earlier than he wants to be, but he has always done very well on the testing, so it will be another early week for him. Will also have a track meet on Wednesday, he did pretty good last week doing the

Shot Put

The 4 x 4 Relay

and the 100

That all takes about 10 minutes of the meet, then there is about 2.5 hours of this! But, he's having fun, missing baseball a little bit, but enjoying trying something new.

Well, time to head out, going to try and get Meghan's bangs trimmed on our way to the party, can't see her eyes anymore!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zilch . . .

Have you ever played that game? I just learned how on Easter. Those who know me well know that I'm not really too crazy about game playing, I do like Monopoly and of course Bunko, but card games, I'm fine just reading a book while the rest of the family plays. But, zilch is a dice game, I guess maybe I like dice games over card games, and it's actually pretty fun. Well, except for the crying opponent part of it.

We played a few games on Easter and then Trev has wanted to play every night this week, here is how you play - you play to 10,000 points, you earn points by rolling 7 dice, you need certain numbers in order to actually get points, and you must earn at least 500 points in your first turn in order to score.

You must roll a 1 or a 5 or 3 of any number each time you roll a dice. 1's are worth 100 points, 5's are worth 50 points and 3 of a kind (this is like bunko!) earns you the number on the dice x 100, with the exception of 3 1's is 1,000 points instead of 100 points. Was a little confusing the first few rounds but pretty easy after that, it just depends on just how risky you want to be. Since you have 7 dice, you can keep rolling the dice that are scoring for you, BUT if you don't get a 1, 5 or 3 of a kind, then you zilch and you lose all of the points you were earning for that turn. Now the great part is that if you keep rolling and can actually score points using ALL of your dice, you get to start over rolling all 7 dice and scoring MORE points!

This was my first roll, pretty good actually!

I took the 3's for 300 points and the 2 5's for 100 points, since I need at least 500 to get on the board, I took the 2 other dice and rolled again ~

I got a 1 and a 6, got to my 500 so I stopped.

The other cool thing you can do in this game is if the person before you had a really good roll and they left dice that they hadn't used to score, you can use those left over dice and if you roll a 1 or 5 or 3 of a kind if you have 3 dice, you will get the points that person had, plus any you earn yourself! This has worked very well for me a few times.

To end the game, once you get to 10,000 points or more, you knock on the table and then everyone has one more chance to go around and try to beat you.

Daryl, Trev and I played on Sunday night, Trev and I played on Monday night, I believe Trev won both games, Trev and I played on Tuesday night, I was having a really really good night, rolling lots of 3 of a kinds, it ended up with Trev having a little meltdown, I felt really bad, but why is it the harder you try and do bad the better you keep doing. I was laughing, it was kinda funny, although Trev didn't think so, I kept telling him it was a game, but he was pretty upset. So he wanted to play again last night, I figured he had gotten himself together and that surely I wounldn't have another great night, but, he didn't have himself together and I did another night of great rolling, which ended up in ANOTHER meltdown! So, no dice tonight, he wants to teach me a card game, but I'm standing strong in my NO!!! I can't take antoher evening watching my son get so upset over losing a dice game to his mother!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

She looked so beautiful . . .

Last night was Kaitlyn's Prom. Meghan and I got to go over and see her off, and snap a few photos of course!

Here is Kaitlyn and Haley, her best friend, referred to by Meghan as Hawey ~

Kaitlyn and her date, Evan ~

Meghan loves hanging out with the big girls, so I had to get a picture of her with them ~

After we took pictures at the Tidwell's we went to another house with more girls! The all looked so pretty and their dresses were just beautiful, I loved all of the bright colors ~

We thought it would be cute to get a picture of the back of all the dresses, they were all so pretty ~

Then we added Meghan in for a few quick shots, too cute, wish I had dressed her up a little!

oh to be 16 again . . . no, that's ok, I don't think I'd go back, but it is fun now to watch our children, and our friends children, doing the stuff that it seems like we did just yesterday. Can't wait to hear from Kaitlyn how the Prom went.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Catching up . . .

Where did the week go? I think I left off getting ready for Easter, which was nice, but I was sick, so we never did dye the eggs, or even have an egg hunt, the Easter Bunny did get the little plastic eggs filled but didn't have it in her to actually hide them. I also didn't get any Easter pictures, and that I am bummed about. I might have to have a little reenactment as soon as I get Meghan's little white dress clean!

We went to church and actually got there early enough to get a seat! It was really crowded. Then since Willy's was closed for Easter, we went over to the Tidwell's for bagels and then headed home. I took a nap while we waited for Mimi & Grampie to come over. We had a nice quiet afternoon and a yummy dinner of ham, yummy potatoes, rainbow jello and rolls. I also made a new dessert, it's the one I tried to make last Easter buy couldn't find the cake meal I needed. It turned out really good and very tart. I'm going to have to make it again.

These are the only 2 other pictures I got, but it is nice as it represents the kids actually playing a game together, working together and not arguing about it!

And a very blurry picture of Mimi, Grampie & Meghan being silly.

And then here are the eggs that never got dyed, next year we'll do double!

Tuesday was the Retirement Party, it turned out really nice and so did the slide presentation, whew!

Wednesday's track meet got cancelled, I'm guessing because the weather was so bad, thank goodness, it was freezing and I wasn't looking forward to being outside in the cold for 3 hours. Instead Michelle, Mrs. Jeannette's daughter, came over and used my scanner to scan a bunch of old family pictures for a scrapbook she is making. While she was using my computer I got my scrapbook room cleaned up a bit and a little less clutterly looking.

Thursday I decided I had better just get the grocery shopping done, otherwise I'd be out with everyone else on Saturday, and Winco on a Saturday makes me really grumpy. For some reason putting the groceries away always make me want to straighten up the cabinets, so I started on the two that I didn't get done on my last cleaning spree. I had all of these Tupperware containers pushed to the back of my container cabinet, I thought I was already using most of my Tupperware storage containers, but apparently not.

I went on a little binge a few years ago buying this stuff, it was after I found little buggies in my spices! So I try to put anything that is in a box that won't get used all at once in Tupperware, not I have lots to fill, I'm not sure that my cupboard will hold all of these filled up!

Friday was Trevor's re-scheduled track meet. It was about 80 outside and very pleasant to be sitting outside, I actually should have put sunscreen on Meghan, her little checks got some sun. Trev did the shot put again, he won't know how he did until Monday and then the 200 meter, he came in 5th out of 8, an improvement over the last time.

Well, I think that about brings me to today. We are hanging out at home catching up on laundry and stuff. Later we will go over to see Kaitlyn all dressed and ready for her dance.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Project 365

Two more weeks of layouts! I am surprised at myself for keeping up on this little project for 1/4 of the year! Pretty simple layouts this time, but at least I feel like I have documented a little piece of our day to day life!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Eve

It's been a busy day getting ready for Easter, grocery shopping, cooking, baking, although the egg dying will have to wait for tomorrow. Little Miss Meghan must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, and I told her if she didn't start behaving that we would not dye the eggs, she has been waiting for weeks to dye the eggs, I figured that threat should get her attention, lets just say it didn't, so the eggs are boiling and we will dye them after church tomorrow!

Last night was Bunko at Karen's house. Yummy dinner and snacks, especially the speckled malt ball eggs! I won 2nd place with 14 wins! The prizes were flowers, what I great idea, I don't think in all the years I've played bunko (I think more than 12) anyone has done flowers. I was very happy to bring home a big pot of pretty flowers for Daryl to take care of for me!!!!

Spent most of this week trying to stay one step ahead of what was happening! Daryl worked a different schedule this week, which meant I needed to take Trev to school, which means Meghan was later to school and I was late to work. I'm guessing this is just a small taste of what I have coming when Daryl gets a new job. Getting to work late seemed to make me a little off on those 2 days, then there was the track practices & a meet, but one practice got cancelled and the meet got cancelled, thank goodness since it was raining and cold! Meghan had an Easter party at school, wished I could have gone to take pictures but I still need to take a day off to go and take formal pictures of her class and for the zoo field trip, I thought I better just work, had to send 6 filled eggs and make "jigglers", that was interesting, they didn't jiggle, so I cut them up into squares and mixed it with cool whip, yummy, but not jigglers! Trevor and Meghan were both out of school on Friday and Monday, Meghan is out of school all next week, time for her spring break now! Spent most evening going through pictures to finish up the slide show for Nancy's retirement party on Tuesday. Took pictures yesterday so I just need to get those edited and added in and I think I'm in pretty good shape to not be up all night on Monday getting it ready!

ok, better get back to work, trying to decide if I'm up to making cut out cookies with the kidos, the butter is thawing but I'm not sure the moods are right to make this a happy memory, so we'll see!!!

Have a great Easter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Monday

Mondays are my least favorite day of the week. I used to love Mondays, that was when I was off on Mondays! I loved that schedule, when I worked Tuesday, Thursday & Fridays or before that when I worked Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays. Mondays are great for catching up after a busy weekend, for easing in to the week. But now I work Mondays, and to make it worse, it's my work all day day. Anyway, work was ok today, probably in part due to the Starbucks Double Shot + energy that I drank mid-morning, but I got a lot done.

Got home and Daryl left with the kids to go to his nephews baseball game! A little bit of quiet to end my Monday. So as I'm happily sitting here catching up on my daily blog reading, my computer screen goes black! Yikes, the power went out! Came right back on and then went out again for almost an hour and a half. It was starting to get dark and I was just about ready to find all the candles in the house! Don't know what all of that was about, but there isn't much to do with no power, so I went and took a walk and then visited with the neighbor, I can guarantee you that I would not have done either of those things if the power hadn't of gone off. Really makes me wonder what life would be like without this computer that I sit in front of for way to many hours each week.

So I didn't get the pictures scanned like I wanted to. I'm working on a slide presentation for my "other mother" who is retiring from the hospital, most all of the pictures are real pictures, luckily my scanner will scan several at a time and save them in individual files, that will now be tomorrows priority!

I just realized that I haven't taken my picture for today, better go do that and then it's off to bed before I fall asleep on the couch, like last night!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


It was a weekend of dress shopping, I haven't done that in a long time, probably since my sisters wedding, and I think that is coming up on 10 years this summer. I got to go with Step & Kaitlyn to pick out her Junior Prom dress. She asked a friend, who is a senior, in a very cute way, to go to the dance with her, and he said yes! We headed to Macy's first thing Saturday morning for the dress trying on marathon to begin, there were 14 in all, here are a few of the runners up ~

We all thought that this one was a big strange with the pockets! Don't usually see pockets in formal dresses. Meghan really liked this one! And the winner is, although she isn't looking very happy about it in this picture, I must have taken it while the tag in the back was cutting a slice out of her shoulder!

The color looks great on her and the dress fits her perfectly! Since Meghan didn't get to go shopping with us I told her I would look for an Easter dress for her, which, I didn't do! So I took her to Target today to find her a dress. We came home with an adorable white eyelet dress, I loved it and glad she bought into it. We found some really cute pink sandals, we settled on flat ones, she wanted heels, and two bottles of nail polish, pink & purple!!! She had the shoes on before we got home and then when we drove into the garage she wouldn't get out of the van until she put her dress on! Too funny.

And Daryl found the rest of my Easter stuff, just in time for Easter next week!!!

Getting ready to go eat dinner, made Taco Soup, yummy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Track Season has begun

Track season has started. I found that out when I got a call at work on Wednesday from Trevor telling me he had practice after school until 4:00, ok, not a problem. When he came out at almost 4:30, and yes, I had been sitting there since 5 minutes till 4:00, he told me he had a Track Meet on Thursday, at 4:00, and he had to be there at 3:30. Alrighty then, so glad we didn't have any other plans, except that I was supposed to be working until 3:00!

Track is all new to me, it looked more like

-->unorganized organized chaos to me, I guess that is how Track is, but you know me, I like a little organization here and there. For the most part of the 3 hours we spent out there we spent trying to find him, there was basically a huge cluster of green, and from the stands they pretty much all look alike!
There was a lot of waiting around and a time where he was doing the shot put and we couldn't see him. Towards the end, well, what I thought was the end, all the teams lined up on the field to do a race 6 at a time, I'm sure this particular race had a name, like the 100 meter dash or something, but I have no idea what it was, but Trev looked awesome when the gun shot off. He's the 4th from the left.

He came in #5, not to bad for his first race. I'm sure once we get him some running shoes this weekend he will do even better!

Here is a picture of Meghan, it was taken right after she lost one of her ladybugs! She got another one at school on Thursday, a sister for "Alison", who had been taking a very long nap since the night before! She had this ladybug out and Mom kept saying it was going to blow out of her hand because it was so windy, and she was right, all of a sudden I look up and this is what I see! Double click on the photo so you can see the expression on her face.

With promises that we would look for more ladybugs when we got home she recovered without too much of a scene, whew!

Here Mimi & Meghan are examining the remaining ladybug, who was also still "napping". Meghan informed us that ladybugs sleep for the summer. So, that's the story we are going with for now.

So, I was really hoping that the Track meets would be shorter than baseball games, but if last night was any indication that is not the case. Meg & I finally went to the car at around 6:00 cause it was windy & FREEZING, the boys didn't make it out until about 6:40. At least it's a short season, only 5 weeks, and practice is right after school, which makes it much easier than baseball practice. Will be a fun new experience for all of us!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ladybug Ladybug . . .

Meghan is studying insects this week at school and they had a ton of ladybugs in a cardboard house, that kept escaping. One of them had escaped just as we were leaving and Meg convinced her teacher to let her bring it home, so she is telling everyone that she has a new pet!

She brought it home in a paper cup and I convinced her that it should go in a jar, and being the crafty little girly that she is, she got out her stickers and decorated her pets new home. (Can you tell she didn't really want to have anything to do with me taking her picture?) She named her new pet Alison, I'm sure it's after her friend Alison at school.