Sunday, April 5, 2009


It was a weekend of dress shopping, I haven't done that in a long time, probably since my sisters wedding, and I think that is coming up on 10 years this summer. I got to go with Step & Kaitlyn to pick out her Junior Prom dress. She asked a friend, who is a senior, in a very cute way, to go to the dance with her, and he said yes! We headed to Macy's first thing Saturday morning for the dress trying on marathon to begin, there were 14 in all, here are a few of the runners up ~

We all thought that this one was a big strange with the pockets! Don't usually see pockets in formal dresses. Meghan really liked this one! And the winner is, although she isn't looking very happy about it in this picture, I must have taken it while the tag in the back was cutting a slice out of her shoulder!

The color looks great on her and the dress fits her perfectly! Since Meghan didn't get to go shopping with us I told her I would look for an Easter dress for her, which, I didn't do! So I took her to Target today to find her a dress. We came home with an adorable white eyelet dress, I loved it and glad she bought into it. We found some really cute pink sandals, we settled on flat ones, she wanted heels, and two bottles of nail polish, pink & purple!!! She had the shoes on before we got home and then when we drove into the garage she wouldn't get out of the van until she put her dress on! Too funny.

And Daryl found the rest of my Easter stuff, just in time for Easter next week!!!

Getting ready to go eat dinner, made Taco Soup, yummy!

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  1. Those dresses are really wonderful!! Macys is best source for buying coolest stuff!!