Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Mustard Flowers}

I can't believe that I didn't blog these!  My sister was here at the end of March, just in time for my favorite time of year . . . the Mustard flowers are blooming!

This was our third photo shoot with the girls and I do think it is getting a little bit easier since the first time, man did I get a work out in 2009, Meghan was 5, Cayden was 4 and Aida 2 1/2.  In 2010, they all definitely had their own ideas and I ran around after them like a crazy Mom & Titi and after all that I wasn't thrilled with the way the photos came out.  I can't believe how much they all have changed and grown up so much.  Hoping we are still doing this until they are married!

Needless to say I was so happy that I found a perfect field filled with yellow flowers!

The girls play a game that they are picking Wedding Flowers, I at least got them to WALK and pick their flowers this year instead of running away from the camera as fast as they can, which is what is usually happening!  Once they collect a handful they stand together and we throw them up in the air, it's pretty darn cute!

The sun went away very quickly that afternoon and Mom & Gina were freezing!  I on the other hand was not!  I was very pleased with the photos this year, I think my new lens might have helped a little too!