Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a week it was!

Last week was one of those weeks I could go without repeating again anytime soon! It seems like it was something every other day!

Besides Trev's incident on Saturday, there was the computer monitor going out on Tuesday, then there was my fall on Thursday, there was Trev waking up sick and throwing up Saturday night (and you know how much I HATE that) but at least he made it out of the trailer, and then when we got home on Sunday Daryl was washing the cars and out of nowhere the van decides not to start! So it went to the shop on Monday! Luckily it was just the battery! I also went to the doctors on Monday to have him check out my ankles. He ordered x-rays of the left foot/ankle and the right foot, luckily they came back negative for any breaks or fractures, but he did confirm that both ankles are sprained, and he did put me off work for a few days, but that is not necessiarily a bad thing!

So, I think we have our things happen in 3's covered and we should be good for awhile! Although, since that is only 5, is there one more coming? I hope not!

While I hobbled to target today to get a few things I noticed that they have new carts! They look so cool all stacked up together, I just had to take a picture of them! It is my favorite store afterall!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Loving camping in with our new trailer, Daryl loved cooking and washing dishes with the outdoor kitchen.

I'm trying to take it easy today in the Tidwells new anti-gravity chsirs, you see, gravity was not working with me this week, I took a little fall down the stairs Thursday night and ended up on the emergency room. Both my ankles twisted as I went down, the right one much worse than the left, and bringing back memories of the last time I fell and broke my foot. Luckily it's not broken, just badly sprained, but both are very sore, making walking around and getting in and out of the trailer a little difficult.

We are enjoying the beautiful weather and the sound of the kids arguing....can you believe Trevor was actually yelling at Meghan in the middle of the night for breathing to heavy! He is not happy that the fact the the two of them have to share the king size bed! I know, we are such mean parents! I seriously thought that bringing the dog was the major source of the arguing with those two, but since we left Max behind this time I'm realize it's not his fault at all!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A weekend of mixed emotions

We were all excited for Friday to get her because that was the day that Daryl went to pick up our new house on wheels, uuuummm, I mean trailer! I kinda don't think that I can say we are camping anymore, I have all of my luxuries of home, including a microwave and heated mattresses!
I spent Saturday morning loading up all of our stuff from the old trailer and washing all the pots & pans and trays, I always feel like I need to start the camping season fresh and clean! I made our bed with our old feather bed that we don't really need anymore since we got the new mattress and the nice warm flannel sheets. I've got sooooo much storage we won't have to pack and live out of storage boxes, which makes me crazy! We are excited to take it out this weekend and test it out!While playing in the trailer Saturday afternoon I got a call from Cole, he and Trev were over at the skate park by our house. He tells me that some guy was messing with Trev, hit him and took his iTouch and ran off ~ Daryl took off like a bat out of Haiti . . . I closed everything up and followed right behind, shaking and needing to see my boy. Trev had called 911 before Cole called us . . . so 3 cop cars were arriving at the same time I was. Daryl had Trev and they were looking for the kid in the neighborhood behind us where he ran off to.
Trev was pretty shaken up needless to say. I have to say that the Oakley PD was awesome, 3 officers showed up and didn't leave, well, except to go find a kid that they knew had just been released from prison the day prior, for doing the same thing. The officer wanted Trev to see if this was the kid, so he took his first ride in a police car ~ unfortunately it wasn't him. The officers were still at the park and talking to all the kids that were there, it's funny how the longer they stayed the more the kids remembered, soon they had figured out who this kids friend was. I figured at least it was a start, but the chances of finding him and getting Trev's iTouch back were probably slim to none. The officers were talking to Trev, they took photos of the bruising on his stomach and head, and were trying to get as much information from him as they could, wanting to know if the kid was in a line up would he be able to recognize him. I was surprised that they were on this like they were and asked them if they were really going to go looking for this kid. The officer said absolutely, that this is not tolerated and it is a personal mission of his to stop this kind of thing. Wow . . . I was a little surprised with that, but happy that hopefully they would find the kid. About this time one of the kids said, hey, there he goes, in the maroon car . . . the officers were out of there so fast . . . I'm so thankful that the kid saw him, one of the officers came back and picked up Trev do go ID him . . . and it was him . . . they brought Trev back to us and we were waiting at the park for them to come back and give us an update, the officer came back and had Trev's iTouch with him! I couldn't believe it. Not sure what will end up happening with this kid, but I hope something that will make him think twice before messing with kids younger than him.

Trev is doing good, we all stayed home on Monday, Meg said she didn't feel good and I think we all needed a little mental health day!

So after all of that drama it was also Prom Night for Kaitlyn, Meg has been looking forward to Prom since last years Prom! She spent the night with Kaitlyn and spent the day with all of her big girl girlfriends getting ready! Here are a few of the 400 I took that evening ~

I think I've made this post long enough so I think I will stop now, I have some more editing to do for Ashly's Senior Pictures that I took last week.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring is here . . . and I hope it stays awhile!

It has been a beautiful week and weekend, luckily since Meghan and I spent 14 hours at the Oakley Relay for Life this weekend. We didn't actually do the walking, although I did do a lot of walking! I was helping with the "Bank" doing the data entry for the donations that come in through the day. So it was a little bit of work and then some eating and hanging out, then back to work. I had Meg with me, since Trev had his Band Festival also that day, which was supposed to be followed by going to Six Flags. Lucky for me there were some middle school kids there also helping out and Meghan took to one of them (like she does to most of the big girls she meets!) and the two of them hung out together the entire day! Made my working time so much easier and Meg had a lot more fun hanging out with her than she would have in a little room with me. We stayed Saturday night until almost 10:00 so we could see the Luminary Ceremony, Meg wanted to stay, she was actually trying to convince me that she should spend the night! It was a great day for a great cause. How awesome to see cancer gone in our lifetime?

Daryl convinced Trev that we should go to Six Flags another day, when we could actually get a whole days worth out of those expensive tickets! Trev agreed. His Jazz band also did great bringing home a silver, not sure if it's medal or trophy, but it's silver! Not bad, AND Trev had a solo that he failed to tell me about . . . boys . . .

So with a little extra time on his hands Daryl decided to take a drive to Turlock and look at the trailer we have been eyeballing on - line, in person. I guess the outdoor kitchen got him and he bought the trailer! And I'm actually excited! He picks it up on Friday, just in time for out camping trip next weekend! Now, we are crossing our fingers that it will actually fit in the garage, it's gonna be close and my van will officially be an outdoor van.

Well, off to make some cookies for Meghan's teacher, it's Teacher Appreciation Week, we are trying to do a little something everyday. I can't believe that we are only 1 month away from school being out, this year has gone by so quickly. I am so thankful for her teacher and the great year that she has given her and all of the students, sniff, sniff . . . I need time to stop for just a minute so I can catch up!