Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mustard weeds

Have I mentioned how much I love the mustard fields? Yea, I know, I think I have. We got out with three cute girls yesterday and did a little picture taking and I think I got some exercising in too, man those girls can run fast through those weeds, me, not quite so fast. It was pretty cold and very windy, but I think that we still got some cute pictures!

Oh, and the bouquets, those were wedding flowers.

ok, off to the airport to get Trevor!


  1. I LOVE that you took a chair out there! Very cool pics.

  2. oh, those look great! mine are still in my camera-I'll have to download them today! thanks for having such a great idea!

  3. These are amazing!!! The way the girls were running around and disappearing in the weeds I was thinking they would be more comical than sweet! What great memories of 3 sweet little girls!