Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Way to quiet around here . . .

Trevor left for Outdoor Ed Camp this morning, sniff sniff! Such a great experience for him and he was so excited to go, although there was a little bit of yawning this morning, that is what is does, and has done since his first pre-school programs, when he gets a bit nervous. He is spending Tuesday - Friday here. We first heard about this trip at orientation at the beginning of the school year and he said he was going, I was surprised since he was at a new school and only had 1 friend who didn't want to go. I figured sure, what the heck, and I'm sure they will need chaperons, Daryl can go! Well, no, they don't need parent chaperons, they have past students who are now high schoolers be the counselers! ok fine, I guess I have to cut the stings a bit sooner or later. So last week some more paper work came home and they were asking for volunteers to drive up today and help get everyone registered and then go on the first hike with them, perfect, I was sure he would want his dad to go, right??!! Nope, wanted no part of it. Yes, I was a bit crushed that he didn't want us to go with him, but I guess this is the first big thing he is doing without family, and yes, I know that he will be fine, but man, I miss him already! And they can't even call home all week!!! But I did send him with 2 disposable cameras and am hoping that he uses them wisely and will bring me home some nice pictures so that I can make him a little album about his week.

Since I didn't win a spot in the photo editing class over at Jessicasprague.com, I had to sign up! I've only gotten through 1 lesson but I'm loving what I have already learned. Here, let me show you ~

This is the picture out of the camera. I didn't think it was too bad, needs a little bit of a color adjustment cause it seems a little dull, but I didn't think of it as bad.

This picture I edited using levels. Levels has been about the only thing I really new how to adjust, and it can do a pretty good job on a lot of things, obviously doesn't fix everything. Looks better, I probably would have been happy with that.

And this is after doing 4 or 5 little things (color correct white balance/levels/curves/shadow/highlight/saturation) that brought out some amazing color. What a difference.

Sometimes I think that less knowledge is better! The more you know the more you want to know and the more I think I need to edit every picture I take! I am trying really hard to learn how to take the best picture I can SOOC so that I don't have this need to edit everything. I can see that I can get to wrapped up in editing I'll really never get any scrapping done, and how do you decide which to edit and which not to edit?

Now I'm off to start lesson 2 and see what else Jessica can teach me! I know I've said this before, but if you haven't checked out her web-site and classes you really should if you want to learn more about digi scrapping and photo editing and picture taking, I have learned so much from the classes I've taken in the last year.

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  1. You'll have to teach me your tricks! I just don't know much, and don't really have the time to do anything about it! :)

    Wow, hope Trev is having fun-can't wait to hear about it next week!