Friday, March 6, 2009

He's Home!!!!

***I started this post on Friday and am just getting back to finishing and posting, where does the time go?***

And I feel like all is complete in my little world again. He had a great time, lots of nature walks and hikes, apparently the one yesterday was brutal, (those were his words) they climbed from an elevation of 150 to about 850. He was worried about who would be in his cabin but was happy that there were a few kids from his class and he really liked his cabin leaders Josh & Macaulay. It sounds like there were 2 cabins connected, but separated by a 1/2 wall (I asked if he took a picture of the cabin and he said no. Mental note: need to do some picture taking coaching before his next trip!) and Macally goes to our church, so that was cool.

He said the food was really good, I had warned him that it might not be! So he said since he had low expectations that he thought the food was good! They went on a night hike and did all sorts of cool things involving colored markers and covering their eyes up to help create "night vision" and had the option of kissing a banana slug, he opted out, I don't blame him!

So, here he is, all safe and sound with the cute (don't tell him I said it was cute!) bandanna on! Now we are getting ready for his next adventure, he and Hayden are flying to Arizona to visit Papa & Gigi, and I'm sending him with a good camera and not a disposable! We had the pictures developed, it said there were 27 exposures, only 20 developed on each camera, and it cost me $12 bucks to have the film put on a disk, so, this trip he's taking a digital camera, hopefully he will have better luck!

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