Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yes, I'm catching up today!

I remember going to the "field" at the end of the court when I was a little girl, with a mason jar and bringing home big furry caterpillars. I'd put them in a mason jar full of grass and sticks and put on my dresser. They never made their cocoons, or the technical term is chrysalis, I never got a butterfly!

These days you can just buy them and they are delivered to your door in a sterile little cup, ready to do their thing. And when they say that the caterpillars double in size everyday, they are not kidding! You can practically watch them grow before your eyes!

Here is their progression in one short week:

Day 1 - Wednesday

Day 2 - ThursdayDay 3 - FridayDay 4/5 - Saturday & Sunday
Day 5 - MondayDay 6 - TuesdayDay 7 - Wednesday - I got up this morning and 2 of them were hanging from the top

by this afternoon those 2 had made their cocoons! It happened so fast.

Meghan is not not allowed to even touch the container, she has been carrying them around with her like a pet! I have no idea how the heck they are staying on the top, it looks like a very small piece of silk or something. If these don't survive and we don't get butterflies, we will have one very disappointed girl here! I'm guessing by tomorrow the other 3 will make their cocoons and then in a few days we can transfer them to the treehouse and wait for those butterflies to make their appearance. It will be a long 7 days waiting . . . .


  1. How cool! Where did you find these? The kids would love it.

  2. Amazing!!!! Can't wait to see the butterflies.