Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm glad you found my new home over here at blogger. I decided that it was time to move over to a free service since the services that I thought were worth paying for over on typepad I found I wasn't using. I figured January was a nice time to make a change, so, here we are! I'm trying to figure things out over here and get stuff moved over and then I'm making a book from my typepad blog, I really didn't want to lose 1 1/2 years of documenting our life, so I downloaded the smart book over blurb.com, it somehow "slurped" up all of my postings on my typepad account and I can now make it into a book, so cool! It looks like they used to work on blogger & wordpress blogs too but not any more, so I'm hoping to find a service that will, I think it will be a cool addition to my scrapbooks to have my blogs printed yearly, and a little motiviation to blog more regularly!

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