Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's all about the photos, right?

The holidays are a time for memories and for pictures! I love capturing our holiday celebrations through my camera lens, and for me, it is all about the photos and the memories it will help us to never forget.

I of course have to start the season trying to get a perfect family photo. I try and get this done early since of course our Christmas card must include this perfect photo! Can you guess which card I am ordering this year? I have used different companies over the years but I always come back to Shutterfly. They are one of my favorite go to sites for photo related gifts. Being a scrapbooker, of course on of my favorite things to make are photobooks for the grandparents, such a perfect way to re-cap our year in all of my favorite photos. And since I've now got some new family pictures, some of these great items may be on my next project list so I can get some of those new photos up around the house.

What are your favorite photo projects?

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  1. I love this time of year also and taking all kinds of photos also. By the the end of the month my family is sick of pictures. But I love them and having memories forever. I rellay and not into scrapbooking but I do love making photobooks online. This year should be interesting becasue I finally will have all my family home for the holidays. So I will take all kinds of pictures.