Saturday, January 4, 2014

{Hello 2014}

One of the things on my list of things to accomplish this year is to dust off this ol' blog.  To say I was sad when I logged on and saw that I had ONE, just one, blog post for 2013, was an understatement.  I want this blog to be another way to document our everyday life and when I read through all of the old posts I love love love going back and reliving the stories and looking at the photos.  So why is it I can't keep it up?!  But this is a new year, a time to set new goals and have a fresh start. I'm totally just going to jump in where we are now and start documenting our life and quit thinking about it and making it more difficult than it really is!

This goes hand in hand with my Word for this year, which is DO, as in quit procrastinating, quit over thinking it, thinking it all has to be perfect, and just DO it!  So I'm taking baby steps to work on the things that I want to DO this year . . . blogging, being more creative, doing Project Life and actively working more on my photography business.  I think I'm feeling more capable of DOing these these things since I recently changed jobs, still working at the hospital, just in a different, much less stressful, department.  I seriously feel like a new person, I didn't realize until I was out of the old job how stressed it was making me

So I'm hopeful that now that I'm not bringing that stress home with me everyday I can focus more on the things I want to do for me and my family.

Just a little recap of 2013, for the sake of documentation! 2013 was a good year!  Trevor finished up 10th grade and started 11th, Meghan finished 3rd grade and is in 4th grade, they both are doing great in school.  Trevor got his drivers license!  Kinda was scary but I'm actually really enjoying having an errand boy!  He is very into his airsofting and video games, some things never change!  I can't believe he will be 17 in a few weeks.  Meghan is still in to many many things, Monster High Dolls, American Girl Dolls, Rainbow Loomb, One Direction . . . . and I could go on.  She makes us laugh and makes us frustrated all at the same time.  We work daily on trying to keep her and her "stuff" neat and tidy, losing the battle most days.

I'm sad that I don't have a currently photo of all of us . . . we never found a time to get out and get that done this fall, I'm still hoping to go out and get one of all of us together, soon!

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