Thursday, January 16, 2014

{Weeks 1 & 2} We Made it to Friday!

It was a long week!  Seems the first few weeks of January always are, after a month of celebrations, time off from work and then all of a sudden you are thrown right back in to reality.  And while I was happy to have gotten to the end of the week, it really still wasn't my normal reality. . . ASL 2 class starts on Tuesday night and Singing Hands starts on Thursday night.  So last week I got to be home every single night, that so rarely happens, so this week is really really back to reality!

It was a good week and I practiced putting my word into use, DOing lots of little things that were on my to-do list.  I have gone back to using a paper calendar after many years of being electronic.  I'm hoping this will help me stay focused on the tasks that need DOing week to week, and it helps that it is a Project Life calendar, so it is super cute.  I was completely shocked when I walked into Michaels and found it last week, like seriously surprised, this kinda stuff doesn't usually get by me.  I actually went back through every post in 2013 on Becky's Blog to find where I missed it.  I didn't miss it, whew!  I knew I wouldn't forget seeing that was coming.  Becky didn't actually announce it until after it showed up in the store. I'm getting used to using a pen and writing things down and crossing them off, I really like crossing things off part!

I also came across this cute Project Life planner, since I can't carry around 2 planners (I barely remember to carry around one, and one day I even had to go back into work to get it off my desk) I figured out that I can print out the pages and insert them in to my PL planner.  I think it will work and I can try to keep all my thoughts together week to week for PL.  So we'll see, it's only the 2nd week of the month!  I'm hoping that by making a few little changes can help me have a more productive 2014.

I worked on my One Little Word project today, made some progress and I'm liking how it looks ~ a few more prompts to finish up and January will be complete!

This year I WILL I WILL I WILL keep up with Project Life.  No excuses, just DOing it and getting it done and moving on to the next week.  So I am happy to say that it is the end of Week 2 and I am current!!!!  Hopefully once the rest of life kicks in I can remain caught up!  

{Week 1} 
These are not perfect, but they are DOne, and that is what I am focusing on this year, letting go of perfection for DOne!

and {Week 2}

Feeling good about getting some creative stuff done, makes me happy!

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