Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remember how much I love my cup?

you can read about it here, well, there was a little accident last week. I won't mention names, to protect the innocent until proven guilty, although the fact that he went to 6 Starbucks looking for a replacement probably is proof enough!

There were attempts made to fix it, and I have to say it is functional, but not so pretty anymore, all of those smudges you see is super glue that was used to put the two pieces back together. Waiting anxiously for these darn cups to make another appearance, and then I will buy more than one of them!


  1. What I want is for them to sell replacement straws-somebody (acutally two somebodies) chewed mine up!

    Hope they reappear soon!

  2. Oh no...that's very sad. Did you know at some time they probably had a very limited supply of these cups in Venti size? The girl who does Gina's hair had one.

    BTW--Those two somebodies plus another someone who will remain nameless, chewed mine up too. I just got the scissors out and and cut it