Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Weekend . . .

which meant no blogging! Now I feel behind, I was doing so good there.

So Saturday got a slow start and I had a few things I knew I wanted to get done. I got up, got the kids breakfast and then sat on the couch to drink my coffee and read a magazine for a few minutes. Well, me + couch + magazine = bad combo! Usually ends up with me getting a little too comfie and closing my eye and taking a little nap! Which I did, guilt free, and to add to my comfieness (so not a word I know) Daryl heated up a rice bag for me (I didn't even ask for it) so, yea, nice and warm and comfie!

But, once I got moving, I got moving and didn't stop, for about 12 hours! I've been waiting for the motivation to tackle Meghan's room, to reorganize, hang a shelf and some pictures and clean from top to bottom. I went through all of her drawers, her closet, under her bed, everything, and found quite a bit of stuff that is MINE that's been missing! Man that kid is a little pack rat, and I have NO idea where she gets it from :-) Daryl got the shelf hung up and the little shadow box beside it, and I hung up her new little "MEGHAN" picture that she got from Grandma O for Christmas. Feels really good to have that done. We found places for all of her "stuff" so that we can work on putting things back where they belong when we are done with it, I know, but I can try! She is actually pretty good at putting stuff where it belongs if it has a home.

And if that wasn't enough, I continued on my kitchen mission to get the baking cupboards finished up, I threw out a ton of stuff and made more room, aaahhhhh, so nice not to have to dig to get to stuff. Even though I have about triple the cupboard space from our old house, I somehow managed to fill them up very nicely! To baskets on the top shelf are holding all of the decorating stuff, by season/event! I'll make some cute labels for them one of these days. The decorating stuff had outgrown it's previous home so I needed a new plan, this top shelf was wasted with stuff I wasn't using, so I moved some stuff around and found these baskets from a long time ago and started separating, I love that I can pull out one basket and have everything pink and red for Valentines and not have to pick through everything Christmas first.

In between all the cleaning and reorganizing there was the laundry, dusting and finally hanging this up ~ I have had this for several months but it required a big ladder and moving furniture to get it up, I somehow convinced Daryl today was the day ~

Meghan was a big help, as usual, she was following me around with the feather duster dusting everything within her reach. Daryl and I were cracking up when she said "I'm helping you mom, I just dusted the basement!" She meant the baseboards!!! Too cute. This is a picture of her playing in her playroom, I mean playcloset, she was being silly because she didn't want me taking her picture ~ She will go in there and color for hours . . . notice her camera on her desk!

On Sunday we had Daryl's sister Corlina and her family over for dinner and the Tidwells too! Lots of fun. As I was looking around for something to photograph for my daily photo I noticed the buds on the tress in the backyard already ~

Then as I was putting my camera away I noticed the tree in the front already had flowers ~

The weekend went to fast and I'm really looking forward to an extra long weekend coming up.

oh, one more thing for those of you who keep up on Meghan speak, as we were walking upstairs for bed tonight she was counting, one, two, THree, notice anything wrong with that? I asked her to say it again and she definitely said THree, made me kinda sad. Since she could talk she has said one, two, wee . . . her TH and L's are W's. She asks to listen to KAT country one o wee point wee . . . her best friend is La La La La Warren (really Lauren) She sings the song One Two Wee like a bird I sing . . . I'm not sure I like her learning the proper way to talk, I'll have to talk to her teacher about that!


  1. Oh, the baseboard issue must have somehow been passed on-poor thing! I must say I still find myself compulsive about those-soon I shall pass this on to my kids, I just know it!

  2. i think this is working... is it working????