Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rice Bags . . .

where have they been all my life? I had never heard of them until recently when Mom got one from a friend, she raved about how great it was and then her friend made me one too! oooohhhh, it was heavenly, the one night I actually got to use it, which happened to be the night that I had that bad bad toothache, it felt so good. Somehow Meghan figured out how great they were too, I think Mimi had a little something to do with that, so now she is using mine EVERY night. And I know that if I go in and take it when I go to bed she will notice and she will wake me up looking for it. Oh, and to make matters worse she comes into my room sometime between 3am & 5 am asking me to heat up her rice bag. uugghhhhh . . .

So, I decided I needed to make myself my own rice bag, I stopped at Wal-Mart and got some brown flannel fabric and some really cute brown with pink polk-a-dot material, not flannel but too cute to pass up, and it matches my scrapbook room! I unburied my sewing machine from the corner and dusted it off, I've actually had it for many many years but it looks brand new since it doesn't get much use, anyone who knows me well knows that I don't sew much, I much prefer glue or staples if I need things to stick together! I do believe that there is a great sewing gene somewhere deep within me, my grandmother was a great seamstress, she made me cute little dresses all the time when I was a little girl. I remember sewing with her on many occasions, making potholders mostly I think, and I made a patchwork pillow, which I still have (big surprise I know) it looks gross as ever, but I'll never throw it away.

Wow, that sure got off track. Anyway, out came the sewing machine, the kids were quite interested in seeing what mom was going to do with this machine, I warned them not to expect much, (if you saw the shorts I made in junior high you'd totally understand, right mom?!)

Surprisingly, I actually cut out and whipped out some rice bags, I was so impressed that I actually remembered how to make a bobbin and thread my sewing machine. I made a longish one so that I could put it around my neck and then I had this idea to make a smaller one to use for my feet. My feet are always freezing, so, as I sit and type this my feet are resting on a very cute, brown & pink polk-a-dot rice bag!


  1. That's pretty cool, I still prefer glue and staples myself. A friend of mine just made rice bags with the girls-small ones make great bean bag toss games! But they do hurt if you get hit with one...just so you know (don't say I didn't warn you!)

    Hmmm, I could use one for my neck-that sounds pretty nice, or my tired legs after a long run, or my cold feet.... :)

  2. Thanks for adding rice to our house! There are now a few little people (plus Mom and me) curled up with rice bags....ahhh-it's so warm. I love it! thank you!