Friday, February 13, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy . . .

It's been a busy 2 days around here . . . so much for rest & relaxation!

Yesterday we went on a field trip to the firestation with Meghan's school, very fun, the kids loved sitting in the firetruck and spraying the water ~ and the fireman also gave them all hats, too cute!

After the firestation we headed over to the Post Office with the big kids (the kids learned about Community Helpers this week) so that they could mail their valentine cards ~

After the field trip Meghan and I went to Wendy's for lunch, she just happened to remember that we went there last year after the firestation field trip, so I guess now it is a tradition! Then headed home to make Meghan's Valentine cards and some rice krispy treats for her class party today.

I had Meghan draw a picture to use for her cards. My vision of her picture would have been cute little hearts, all done in pink & purple or pink & red . . . she of course had her own ideas, this is a picture outside, there is a sun and grass on there somewhere, with all of her friends at school. Anyway! So I scanned it and then printed them and wrapped it around a box of candy hearts. They didn't turn out quite as I expected, but that's ok!

Today started with the Valentine party at 9:30 this morning. Meghan is still on a sugar high from the cupcakes, cookies, chips, fruit snacks, jello and rice krispy treats. Luckily she didn't eat all of it . . . although apparently it was a little too much sugar for one little guy who ended up "tossing" his cookies on the kitchen floor, and we all know how I feel about THAT!!! uugghhhhh.
Meg & I in our Valentine shirts!

That has been our last two days . . . off to bunko at Steph's tonight, maybe I will win something this month instead of losing my tooth like I did next month! Wish me luck.


  1. I like that picture of you and meg close up... that's cool

  2. Yeah, we've banned sugar around here for a few days-I was afraid Levi was going to be tossing his cookies with all he gobbled up yesterday! Eck!

    Hope you won something cool last night!