Monday, February 2, 2009

Nice to go away, nice to come home!

We had a great weekend away up to Sutter Creek with the Tidwells. The only not so good part was that we decided we should be a little more budget friendly so we stayed here instead of our favorite place here. It turned out to be ok, well, after a little negotiating anyway. The first room we were given was arctic temperatures and was blowing more freezing air when we turned on the heat. We decided that we have been spoiled and didn't want to stay at this place. The guys went down to try and get us out of the reservation but we were going to be stuck with one nights charge, which defeats the purpose of staying at a cheaper place! So there were these little "cabins", Daryl asked if there were any of those available and if we could go and look at them. They were definaely nicer than the rooms, they were like converted apartments, it actually reminded me of my first apartment, although nothing as nice as the picture shows on the web-site, there was no fireplace in our room! So in the end, and after one more cabin change due to a very overbearing smell of glade plug-ins, we were settled into our cozy little "cabin". To bad you can't see the pot of dead flowers and ashtray on the table, classy, I know!

But we still had a great time, we spent Saturday shopping in Sutter Creek and Sunday shopping in Jackson. Didn't find to much to buy actually, a really cute "egg" basket, might need a little paint to darken it up a bit, I haven't decided, or I may leave it as it and use it in my scrapbook room.

I found this really cool jar, well, the jar is pretty ordinary, but it has a really cool lid on it, I've never seen a lid like this on a mason jar, and believe me, I've seen (and collected!) a few jars in the last few years. It is silver and has a glass piece under it, very different and the lady at the store was very upset that she had not noticed it before me, and it was only $2.00.

And I found this cute little jar to put sugar in with the cute little spoon, have I mentioned that I love collecting jars when we go antiquing?

Then we had our traditional foot long corn dogs and ice cream at the Ice Cream Emporium for lunch

And we had dinner at our favorite restaurant ever, Taste. We have gone to this restaurant 3 times and it seems to just get better and better. We are still amazed that a restaurant like this can survive and is always packed in the little town of Plymouth. This was Daryl's Expresso Ice Cream he had for dessert, it was yummmmy!

I thought this was something to take a picture of, I think it would be a great photo for mom to paint

And then we spotted this beautiful brick building on our way out of town, amazing the things you notice when you take the time, Steph and I got out and climbed up the side of the hill to try and get so shots of this

So there is our weekend in pictures.

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  1. Beautiful pictures-glad you had fun, and boy do I remember those corn dogs. I think the kids love a trip there! (for the candy too!) I think Mom should paint that last picture-I'd gladly hang that up in my house!