Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little wake up call . . .

On my way home from work today I stopped by the bank to get some cash, the little ATM machine tells me that my account doesn't have enough funds and that taking out my huge amount of $20.00 would likely cause additional fees. As my heart sinks to my stomach I figure that there MUST be some mistake, I know that I have money in the account. I look at my account balance and it shows that I am about $600.00 in the red! WOW!!! I wish I remembered having that much fun on a little spending spree.

Driving home I'm trying to figure out what happened . . . maybe they paid every bill that is in my bill pay Que . . . Daryl really forgot to tell me about some charges he made??? It is an awful feeling and I couldn't get home quick enough, ran to the computer and logged onto the bank.

There are 20 charges for $59.97, for a grand total of $1199.40, a $10.00 charge to Skype and $1.00 to itunes that I didn't make. I was on the phone with the bank and have filed a report. Then I called the company that the charges were made to, SOC on-line, it is an on-line gaming web-site. Someone was trying to have a little fun at our expense. I talked to someone at Sony who was very helpful and since the charges were still pending he was able to cancel them. So I'm crossing my fingers that by tomorrow or the next day all my money will be back into my account. We will also be contacting the Oakley PD so that we can get a case number and hopefully convince them to subpoena the records as Sony states that they have the IP address of where the downloads initiated from and will release them with a subpoena.

The charges were made on my card, they had the card number and the very faded 3 numbers on the back, I opened my wallet today and it crossed my mind that my card wasn't pushed in the slot all the way, didn't think much of it, but I always put it in all the way . . . now I'm wondering if someone actually got into my wallet, and if so, when, and who? Kind of a creepy feeling since my card hasn't been out of my sight that I can remember.

So I'm hoping that this all gets cleared up quickly and that we can find out who is responsible for this, you hear about stories like this but you never think it will happen to you.


  1. Oh man, that's awful-good thing you caught it so quickly! Hope everything gets cleared up fast.

  2. Hi Michelle, it will be VERY interesting to see who got a hold of your card, or your credit card number, to be able to have a little fun at an online casino. Just hope it is not someone you work with, or know. All is well here, hug the kids for us, love ya, Dad