Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to the dentist

So it ends up that needing to take about 40 motrin over the course of 2 days means that there IS something wrong and that I should have called the oral surgeon on Saturday and not suffered all weekend. Well, now I know. I have been in terrible pain since I woke up Saturday morning, I guess I lost the blood clot that protects the where the tooth was extracted, that equals PAIN! So they packed it (which was more painful than the pain I'd been in all weekend) with some packing material, I get to go back on Wednesday for them to re-pack and then again on Friday to do it one more time. At least I haven't had to take anything for the pain, aahhhh feeling so much better. I just have to keep poking the packing back into the socket, fun.

So the boys, Trevor & Daryl and Cole & Scot went to the Warriors Game today as part of Trevor's birthday, he picked doing that over having a party. I sent the camera and there were about 35 pictures taken, 12 of them were of the score board, but hey, at least I have a few pictures to document their day!

Trevor took this picture of the "Wonder Bread" truck and asked that I put it on my blog . . . not sure why he took this picture or why he wanted me to put it on my blog, but here you go Trev!

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