Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Monday again . . .

Had a nice weekend, didn't do a whole lot which I enjoy a lot! Daryl took the kids to the show Saturday afternoon to see Mall Cop, they all really enjoyed it, even Meghan, although she really wants to see Hotel for Dogs, so I guess that will be next on our list. Although for as much as we go to the movies (and the for the price of actually going to the movies) we should just buy the DVD when it comes out, I'm sure it will only be a month or so until it's released!

Sunday afternoon I even got a nap in, I love Sunday afternoon naps, or any day naps for that matter. Daryl took Meghan to go to the pet store to get food for Max and stopped by his sisters house and ended up hanging out over there for several hours. Meghan was having a great time playing outside with her cousins and the little girls that live in their court, until the down pour anyway, but I guess all the little ones were huddled under a huge umbrella while it poured rain, then they were back to playing. Two afternoons of some quiet time, it was very nice and needed.

I've been officially released from the oral surgeon, finally. I was back and forth to the dentist all last week for them to pack my gums. When I went in on Friday she said it was my choice as to weather or not she packed it again for the weekend. Well, after my last weekend I decided to pack it one more time for good measure. She said not to worry if it fell out and I was to go back in today for them to pull it out. So yesterday it was bugging me and I figured if they were not going to re-pack it on Friday I'll just help it along and avoid one more trip to the surgeons office. Well, they didn't seem very happy that I had taken matters into my own hand and still made me come in, to make sure I got all the packing out, (duh, it's a strip of gauze all sewed together, trust me, it's all out). So I get 32 questions on how it fell out and that I could have used my little syringe to poke it back in, lalalalala . . . so the assistant looks at it and says she'll clean it out and re-pack it, NO!!!! I'm done having gauze in my mouth! So she cleaned it out, poked around a bit (ouch!) and decided to take an X-Ray, just to make sure there was nothing left . . . ok, whatever, I'm telling you, there is NO GAUZE left in there. The X-Ray confirmed what I had said all along, but hey, what do I know! So the doctor came in, suited up (cracks me up, they put on gowns, maskes, googles, gloves, all to look in my mouth for 11 seconds) and confirms that I am not in a lot of pain and that we are good to not re-pack it and that she is closing my file ~ yipee! Now I'll just continue to gargle with warm salt water (apparently I should have been doing this all along) and wait for the whole in my gum to fill up, should only take about 2 months.

Had another successful coupon trip to Raleys, it is worth it to read the ads, and a friend sent me the link to sign up for special on-line coupons from Raleys, I ended up saving 52% on what I bought today, I got all of this for $42.00

You can't tell that I had 2 gallons of milk, 7 cans of frozen juice, 4 cake mixes (those were free for buying 2 tubs of frosting), 2 boxes of cereal, cheese sticks. Even the checker commented on how much I had saved using on-line coupons and some special coupons that they had in the newspaper.

ok, time to get off the computer fold some laundry and head to bed, maybe I can get up on time and get me and Meghan out and not be late for work, yea, we'll see!

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