Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some days I love Photoshop

and some days I don't! Although the more I play the more happy days I have! Here is a before and after of a picture I took yesterday, totally on a whim, in manual mode, but forgot to change my white balance. (The pitfall of manual, always always always gotta check your settings)

uummm, yea, just a little on the blue side cause my camera was sent to indoor lighting not outdoor lighting, I guess white balance really does make a difference.

And the reason that I'm loving Photoshop today is in my trustee new book I learned that I could edit my JPEG photos in the RAW editor. That may not seem like a big deal, but after a minute or two of some simple edits I got this ~ this is way better than I could have gotten just using my levels.

now I realize that this isn't the best picture in the world, but like I said, I'm trying to learn, so when I do get that great shot and it is way to blue, I might be able to fix it!

While we were outside (and after I got my white balance problem fixed) Meghan found some bugs, yuck!

for some reason this girly love rolly pollies ~

We were actually outside waiting for Trevor to come back from walking the dog. I'm trying to do an All About Trevor layout and I wanted to get a picture of him walking down the street walking the dog, since that is a big part of what he gets to do these days. I made the mistake of telling him to let me know next time he was going out so I could get a picture, apparently that was a big mistake, because he went flying out the garage door, without telling me of course. So I went flying out the front door trying to catch him, well, he was already to the corner, laughing hysterically. So I told Meg we would hide and catch him when he came back around the corner, well we didn't hide good enough and he saw us before he rounded the corner, and if you know Meghan that shouldn't be a surprise to you! So, this is the picture I ended up with of Trev walking Max ~

I told him in 20 years when he says that I didn't love him as much as Meghan because there are so many more pictures of her than him to remember this day! Can you even see him, yes, the little dot almost in the middle of the picture, yep, that's him!


  1. Oh man, I've done that before. I think Zac's done it more-he doesn't use the camera as much as I do and forgets to check the settings. The problem is, photoshop and I don't really get along. I need you closer!

  2. Well, I know mom would LOVE it if you moved closer to us!!!!!