Friday, January 9, 2009

It's FINALLY Friday!

This was a loooong week, so glad it's over! And it was Bunko night, yipee! Bunko was at Mom's and we had yummy Won Ton Soup and Chinese Chicken salad and lots of goodies on the table to munch on. So good I even lost a tooth, uuggghhhh . . . my teeth problems never seem to end! I just finished two appointments in 2008 and still need 3 crowns in 2009, will probably get 2 of them, I will then be maxed out on my insurance so I'll get the 3rd next January. The problem is the tooth I lost was on the good part of my mouth! It has already had a root canal and crown, they had to do a crown lengthening about 5 years ago because it had broke, but anyway, I thought I was good. This week I've had a really bad cramp on the right side of my mouth, I figured it must have had something to do with the work they did last week, propping my mouth open and all, and the tooth on my left side felt a little loose to me, but I kept talking myself out of it, well, apparently it was loose! One bite of a chewy candy and it popped right out. So, if you get grossed out easily, don't look at the next picture! (it's not really gross, well, Trev thought it was pretty gross in real life!)

I'm REALLY hoping that they can just plaster it back in and be done! It's just not in the dental budget this year to have anything else done with my mouth.

I took my camera to bunko so I could take my picture for today and didn't take a single picture, I thought it would be fun to have a bunko picture for every month this year, well, I guess the tooth will have to do for this month and I'll try again next month. And I didn't even win anything, I was on a really good loosing streak, with only one more round to go I only had 5 wins, and wouldn't you know it I then won 6 in a row! Putting me right down the middle, which never wins anything!

In other news, this was about the mood of my darling daughter last night at dinner (don't you just love the hair? She did it herself and didn't want me taking pictures of it)

and it didn't get any better than this. After she had been put to bed multiple times I told her that if I had to go up there one more time I was taking her iPod, she wasn't happy about that and persisted in misbehaving. The next time I went up I did indeed take away her iPod and Dad ended up coming in and then took her Leapster away. How the heck to you discipline a child while she is laughing at you? Anyway, yet one more time she comes down the stairs, this time with a piece of notebook paper with her scribbles of "writing" on it. I gave her the look and asked what she was doing down here. The conversation went something like this:

Meghan: I wrote something for you

Me: what does it say?

Meghan: I live in a crazy house, I have a crazy muder who takes away my iPod, I have a crazy dad that takes away my Leapster, I have a crazy broder who lets the dog in my room and he pee'd all over the carpet (this part is NOT true!), I live in a crazy place . . . and I'm leaving!

Me: your leaving us?

Meghan: (as she is laughing) just kidding!

It was all I could do to keep from cracking up, she is only 5, I'm just not sure we will make it until her teen years.

Alright time for bed and hopefully a little sleeping in tomorrow morning.

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  1. Yikes! What a weekend! I've always had nightmares about losing a tooth, you poor thing! Zac says to tell the tooth fairy hi! (would that be MiMi?)

    oh, we'll be praying for that Meghan (and her parents) I've seen that look on Cayden's face, perhaps we should start a support group?