Thursday, January 15, 2009

Project 365 - Weeks 1 & 2

is off to a good start. It's the 15th and I only missed a day of photo taking! But, considering it was the day I had my tooth pulled I'm not worried about it, I took a picture today I'll use as a reminder of yesterday anyway (and no, it's not the rest of the tooth the dentist pulled out! Although he did ask if I wanted to keep it!)

So, here are the first few pages scrapped, I'll get the next 2 weeks scrapped this weekend.

I found a really cute kit that I'm going to use for the year at Weeds and Wildflowers I think this will be a very simple way to just get this project done and not over think the process and supplies. I did make a few templates of my own, so I will use some of those mixed in with these. I'm excited to see the album that I will have completed in another 350 days. Now that I have a plan of how my album will be I'm hoping to keep up on this weekly if not daily, most weeks anyway!

ok off to find some more advil and head to bed.

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