Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Tuesday

and back to the routine of life after the holidays! I think I'm on a sugar crash from all of the sweets I ate in the month of December, we are trying to get the rest of the sweet stuff out of here and Daryl made a huge pot of vegetable soup last night for dinner, I'm so bad at eating my vegetables, but I can usually eat this soup for a few days without too much trouble, it was really yummy! I'm sure my system is in shock from all the healthy veggies.

It's January 6th and I've managed to take a picture everyday! I think this was about as far as I made it last year, but this year I am 100% committed to "Project 365". I made some digi templates and I think that is what will help make this a successful project for me, I've already got the first 4 days scrapped with a little journaling, with the templates it so easy to drop a picture in and do a little bit of writing, done! I want to make up a few different ones to rotate through the year, otherwise I think it will be pretty boring.

Off to get Meghan to bed and get some pictures uploaded and am going to try and get to bed at a decent time, it's been soooo hard to get up this week!

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