Friday, July 24, 2009

New clothes, a new do and a wasps nest!

It was a busy week, good thing I took a few days off work! On Tuesday we went out school shopping, that was fun! The kids actually did really good shopping together. Trevor is old enough now to go find things he wants and then bring them to me, which makes it easier for me to get what I need for Meghan. I also gave him a budget, I figure now that he wants $50 pairs of shoes and $45 pairs of skinny jeans, a budget was in order. He then he wanted to add that if he stayed under budget I would give him that amount in cash! yea, whatever!!! But, it really did help us stay on track and I told him that we would be getting ready for fall/winter as we go along. It's so nice that I can still shop on the clearance rack for Meghan and she doesn't care! I think we were pretty successful, I spent almost the exact same amount on both of them, but Meghan got a whole lot more for the buck!

We also went to Wal-Mart and stocked up on some school supplies, I LOVE the school supply isle, I'm sure it will take us a year to go through all of this, Meghan also picked out a new backpack and lunch box, I can't believe that my baby is going to kindergarten! Trev is using his backpack from last year and had decided he doesn't want a lunch box, he wants to use paper bags!

On Wednesday Mimi wanted to get the kids a new outfit for school, so we all went to lunch, went and got Meghan a new, big girl hair cut and then they went shopping.

Meghan got a dress, a pair of pants and a cute shirt, all of which I haven't taken a picture of yet, and these shoesTrevor on the other hand opted out of actual clothing and just wanted shoes! R.E.D. shoes! And I don't know if you can see in the clothing picture above, the jeans he picked out are PURPLE!!! We told him that he couldn't wear them together! Thank you Mimi & Grampie!!!

I am actually afraid that he doesn't realize the brightness of these! He is a bit "color blind" although that is not what they call it, but he can't see a lot of colors, Mom and I were laughing wondering how he sees the jeans and shoes and if he were seeing the colors as they really were, would he still pick them out? Guess we'll never know, and as long as he likes it, that is all that matters!

And then we have this living in the eaves above the little door going out to the backyard

that is Daryls project tomorrow, to get rid of them!!!


  1. very CUTE haircut! Good job blogging- I'm falling behind...

  2. Eww, yucky nest! Hope it's gone by now. I hate those things! I can't believe Meghan's starting kindergarten...I guess I've always known that she's a year behind Levi-why does it have to go so fast?!? I bet she's pretty excited for kindergarten too!