Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Day of School!

It was an exciting day around here, the much anticipated, by Meghan, and the not so anticipate, by Trevor, 1st day of school! I can't believe that my baby started kindergarten today, and she LOVED it!
Meghan did great, she loved it, waved good bye to us with a big smile on her face, made it very easy to leave her without getting to emotional!

Mimi even came out bright and early so she could go with us, and she brought with her "that girl", (wasn't that a TV show a long time ago?) as Meghan refers to her as, for some reason she can't remember that her name is Jennifer. Jennifer is Greg's niece, I think that makes us cousins and maybe Meghan a 2nd cousin? I'm not for sure, but she and her mom and dad are here visiting for 2 weeks and Meghan took to her immediately, she loves being with the big girls and it made her day that she came with Mimi this morning! I think that she even got more hugs than Mimi and I combined!!!

Daryl took Trev to school, without all of the hoopla, that just isn't cool anymore, I was lucky to get him to let me take his picture this morning!

Trevor's favorite thing today was having PE everyday, and Meghan's was recess, hummm, I'm seeing a trend here. But Meghan came out talking about how much she love school and that she wanted to go to kindergarten everyday for the rest of her life! I guess I can't complain.


  1. Wow! She looks so much older-what a special day! Glad she loved it, hope she always does!

  2. Yeah, Kindergarten every day... I can dig it.

  3. Sweet memories!

    I love your new page...